Grand Virtual Performing

Arts Competitions

at KCA

Read the below notice for details

in Oct 2021


Grand Virtual Performing Arts Competitions at KCA

Due to the pandemic Covid situations, we at KCA could not make any events for a get together for connecting each other or meeting each other or dining with each other for enjoying or sharing our happiness and sorrow each other. Now in the last ECM we have taken a decision to achieve some level of connectivity among us through a virtual program for time being till the situation improves for physical get-together. KCA’s Silver Jubilee is also fast approaching….

Therefore, KCA with pleasure invites entries through video clipping for a Virtual Performing Arts Competitions for the following items of performing arts as part of preparation of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations and also our web development. We are sure that this event will bring together our entire member Malayalee communities especially our youths with leadership qualities and competitive spirits and sent a message of togetherness in solidarity with a strong hope and goodwill for humanity.

Rules: for all performances:

1.Eligibility: Only members of KCA, i.e. Resident Malayalees of Sabarmati and surrounding areas and their wards shall be eligible to participate.

2.Language / Medium should be in Malayalam only

3.The competitions in all category will be divided in to four age group:

a) 3-5yrs. (Pre-school)

b) 6-11 Yrs. (Sub-Junior)

c) 12-17 Yrs. (Junior)

d) 17 Yrs. and above (Senior)

4.Duration: Maximum 5 minutes

5.In all the items there should be three entries minimum for competition. If entries are less than 3, it will be aired with honour for the benefit and enjoyment of viewers. There will be two winners, ie. 1st and 2nd place.

6.In the case of item No. 11 – Drawing (1) with pencil sketch (2) with colour, a video clipping of the completing stage to be send along with the picture of the original work. For (2) colouring, sketch will be provided to the constant and that sketch to be coloured.

7.For item No.12 Elocution competition, it is with aim of developing public speaking. Subject will be listed under alphabetical order and the speaker can select any one from that about 5 minute before making the video. Subject can be selected at random by contacting Sports Secretary Sri. Rajesh Nair (preferably on Saturday or Sunday) on Mob: 9687641312 . After 10 minute the video of the same to be uploaded.

8.Winners will be selected by an expert panel of three judges (may be drawn from KCA fraternity) and their decision is final and irrevocable.

9.The onus of clarity of video and audio will be on the participants.

10.More details will be published on our website soon. Please visit the site to know more on how to participate and send your videos.The complete program will be broadcasted over the internet. The date and time will be intimated later. All the entries to be uploaded to our website: on or before 25th Oct 2021. No entries will be taken after the cut of date. Time schedule to be strictly followed. Entries crossing the time limit will not be considered for competition and same will be uploaded on site separately.

11.All the winners will have the privilege of participating directly in our forthcoming Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Dr. E.K. Damodaran

General Secretary-KCA


Date: 15 Sept 2021

Instructions for participants

All are required to register their participation online by clicking this link (Online Registration)

All programs required to be recorded by participants at their comfortable location (indoor / Outdoor) with enough lighting and preferably with a plane background.

The maximum size of one program video cannot exceed 1GB (1024MB).

File to be uploaded on our website by 25th October 2021.

The link for uploading videos will be sent to only the registered participants on their WhatsApp Number as well as on their E-mail IDs.

For any query on making and uploading videos, please contact Ranjith Kumar @ 8128696790.